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Phones for Students

There aren't specific phones for students, but a variety of different features and apps can make college life a bit easier. Smartphones are becoming more and more like mini laptops than phones at this point, in fact, you can even put apps such as Microsoft Office on them now.

If you're the last student without a cell phone, there is no good reason why you shouldn't have one at this point. The U.S. Government even supplies free pre-paid phones to people in need (more on this below).

Types of Phones for Students

It's pretty much to the point that "you get what you pay for" when it comes to cell phones. Free phones come with 1990s versatility, cheap phones have very little features, but expensive Smart phones open up a world of endless applications.

"Normal" Conventional Cell Phones - They make phone calls...that's about it. These types of phones are what criminals buy at Radio Shack to get an anonymous number. These phones will likely allow texting, but it will take you 20 minutes just to type it in.

Feature Phone - These come with 21st century features such as texting, picture taking tech, maybe even video. A fully functional "QWERTY" keyboard is usually included, making text time manageable. When signing up for a mobile contract, these phones are usually free as a bonus. No app downloading features, but can be equipped with Internet capabilities.

Smartphones - Finally there are the Smartphones. Smartphones used to be a status symbol, back when iPhones were going for $1,000 on eBay. Now, Smartphones are much less expensive, making it viable for most college students to spring for one. The capability to download thousands of useful applications give endless possibilities to use for college.

Phone Applications for College

Apps are becoming more and more versatile; meaning, many Smartphone applications can be downloaded on different brands of phones ie: Android, iPhones, etc. A new useful app comes out on a regular basis. Here is a list of general phone applications that can be useful in college:

  • Fully Functional Graphing Calculators

  • Dictionary/Thesaurus

  • Language Translators

  • Algebra/Calculus/Trig Solvers

  • Weather App

  • Specific School Proprietary App

  • Alarm App

  • Fitness (exercises, logs, etc.)

  • Literally Hundreds More


List of useful iPhone Apps for College

Free Government Phones for Students

Yes, it's true!! Don't get excited though, these phones don't have squat to look forward to. They fall in line with the "conventional phone" description above. This section shouldn't really be considered phones for students, but if you're dirt broke and don't have a cell phone to begin with, then these are a God send. There are some qualifications you have to meet in order to qualify for one however.

Certain States have different restrictions. Check with each supplier to see if your State participates in the program.

Up to 250 free minutes per month. If you qualify for any kind of State assistance program (medicaid, food stamps, etc.), then you are pretty much guaranteed to get one. You also qualify if you live well below the poverty level...meaning if you live in an apartment with no job, then you qualify.

Free Government phone carriers:


Assurance Wireless

Reachout Mobile

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