Success After College:
Getting a Job After School

Your two to ten year trek is over, and now you're looking for success after college. Students sometimes get so wrapped up into their studies and college lifestyle, they are somewhat unprepared for life, careers, and sometimes debt after school.

Getting a job after college and dealing with student debt are two popular issues that hinder former students from success after college. For a short time period after graduation, it is crucial that you find and create your niche in the professional world; for example, if you take your time finding a job in your chosen profession, then start working in fast food, you're much more likely to keep working in fast food.

Careers After College

Some students are lucky enough to land a job in their chosen profession before they graduate. For other students, you may have to work a little harder putting your foot in the door. In the end, success after college relies on how hard you work to let employers know how bad they need you as an asset in their organization. If you're having trouble finding work, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • College Student Resume - Resumes for college students should be created a bit different. You're not likely to have years of experience working with employers. Recent graduates need to prove their character and academic achievements to outweigh their lack of experience. Emphasize in your resume all the things you achieved while attending school. A career after college will come - the hardest part is getting that first job.

  • Interviews After College - After college interviews are extremely important. Employers may interview a hundred new college graduate applicants a month for one position. If you received a call for an interview, at least you can relax knowing that they accepted your skills and want to know more about you. This is your opportunity to really stand out from your competition.

    First and foremost, make sure you dress for an interview properly. Professional business attire may seem overkill for some positions, but it will help you get a great first impression. Also, be more prepared for an interview by knowing all the common interview questions. Prepare for these questions over and over again with a friend or family member before attending any interviews. 5 common internship interview questions.

  • Certifications - If you're searching for work, odds are you have some free time on your hands. Use that time to improve on your skills, as well as improving the "employable" appeal of your resume. Certifications are becoming a standard in proving your skills to an employer. Just about any profession has a certification related to it, and many are fairly simple to obtain. If you're having trouble thinking of certification possibilities, try to get certified in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, and Access).

  • Volunteer Work - As mentioned earlier, experience is the main contributing factor employers are looking for. If you lack ANY work experience, volunteer work can pick up the slack. Success after college depends on how hard you want to work to get your dream job. If working for free for a little while after college is the means to get that job, do it. Find volunteer positions at your local hospital or charitable organizations.

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