College Dorm Necessities

College dorm necessities might have different meaning for some than others. Today's newer dorm rooms are starting to look more like town homes than actual student dorms. Depending on the space, the essentials you will need vary.

Sleeping -- Most of the time, the college will provide you with a mattress and bed frame.

Furniture -- If you live in a small standard dorm, space will be limited to put furniture in, and larger ones will likely include a couch, chairs, etc. Standard dorms are outfitted with a wardrobe, bookshelf, and a loftable or chair.

Appliances/Electronics -- Many colleges allow students to bring in a T.V., dvd player, gaming systems, a microwave, radio, and coffee makers. Due to fire hazard policies, some colleges are more strict than others when it comes to electrical equipment. Laundry services are usually coin operated units that the entire dorm shares.

Cooking -- Traditional dorms will not have a kitchen area. Mini-refrigerators and microwaves will likely be the extent of cooking. However; large suites will have kitchenettes, but you may be required to supply your own silverware, plates, pots and pans.

College Dorm Necessities:
The Essentials

  • Sheets/comforter/quilt

  • Pillow(s)

  • Bedside table/crate/sturdy box (sometimes included)

  • Alarm Clock

  • Lamp

  • Clothes hamper

  • Computer/laptop

  • Hangers

  • Towels/wash cloths

  • Shower Curtain

College Dorm Necessities:
Useful Products for Dorms

  • Under-the-bed storage

  • Closet Organizer

  • Behind-the-door organizational hanger or mirror

  • Iron and ironing board

  • iPod speakers

  • Fan

  • Wire Organizer

  • Dustbuster/small vacuum

  • Wall posters/art/pictures

  • CD/DVD rack

  • Mini-fridge

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Before Dorm Move-In:
Roommate Relations

Unless you're one of the lucky few who get their very own room, odds are you have to split your dorm room with 1-3 more students. Upon applying for student housing, you will be given a questionnaire that is supposed to match you up with students that exhibit similar interests and attitude.

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Bad roommate relationships are awkward. An easy way to ease the tension is to be as honest as possible (without being a jerk) the first time you meet and go over the ground rules. One thing you might want to bring up soon after moving in is bringing boyfriends/girlfriends over. Compromise ahead of time how you will work out scheduling in that regard. Shoot an email to your future roommate asking whom is bringing what (T.V., DVD player, mini-fridge, etc.).

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