Alienware Laptops

Top Gaming Laptop for 2012

Alienware laptops are equipped with various top of the line, 3rd party PC components. Though Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell, their affiliation is strictly business...meaning it is NOT a Dell computer in terms of performance.

Alienware computers are distinct. Whether you like attention or not, people will be asking questions about the high-tech looking computer you're carrying around. This is because Alienware likes to outfit its computers with unique lighting and signature science fiction decals.

Difference in Alienware Laptops

Other than how Alienware differs visually from other brands, the manufacturer specializes in the most current technology that engrosses users with fluid, visually appealing graphics. This isn't to say that you cannot customize any brand of computer to fit the specifications of an Alienware laptop, but the company also concentrates on overheating prevention, adaptable motherboards, and advanced circuitry.

Alienware Models

Alienware bases itself on customizing their computers to optimize performance, so all models can be tweaked to your specifications.

Awesome Alienware Laptop

Currently, Alienware classifies its laptops with "M-class". The M11x, M14x, M17x, and M18x are their current sub-brands. All models are loaded with power and are quality machines in their own right. The corresponding number to each class specifies the size of the display, for example, the M14x has a 14" display.

Each bump up in class gives a bit more features than the latter. The M17x now has 3D capabilities built-in. The M18x has more accessibility to expand. Whereas the smaller models are more cost effective while sacrificing some power and expandability.

Cost Justification

Alienware laptops aren't cheap. Currently a brand new M11x with standard equipment costs $899.00, and this is the cheapest it goes. Why should you even consider buying Alienware?

  • Totally unique looking laptop

  • They keep a good resale value

  • Top of the line specifications for computer newbies

  • Bragging rights

  • Ability to play any game on the market

  • Ability to run intense graphics applications

  • Avoid warranty voids by never upgrading parts

  • Unique design controls heat absorption

Why not just add performance parts to my existing PC?

You could do that, and save a lot of money in the process; however:

-- You need to know what you're doing before randomly placing seriously expensive computer components together

-- Tinkering with computers will void your warranty should something go wrong with the installation process

-- You won't have the unique design that Alienware offers

-- The resale value will not be as high should you decide to sell it after a few years

-- You will spend hours researching, purchasing, and installing components. Some which may not be fully compatible with one another.

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