Cool Dorm Room Stuff:
Unique Items for Your
College Dorm Room

I thought you guys would be interested in some cool dorm room stuff because every page I've seen using search engines about dorm rooms had the same boring, bland, regurgitated must-have items. Using the old noodle, I looked at some “non-essential” items that could be useful for college dorm living.

Cable Turtle

cool dorm room stuff - cable turtle

Looks like a turtle shell…get it? Anyway, you wrap up your wires into it. It makes the back of a desktop computer look a lot more organized and clean. You can also use it for just about any wires. If you want to use it for your laptop wires – it is portable, but it looks kinda goofy in class and not really what it’s supposed to be used for.

Personal Safe

cool dorm room stuff - personal safe

Not a big honkin’ gun cabinet or $3,000 ultra-secure safe – more like a $30 or $40 mini-safe. For students who are going to be bunking with 3 or 4 others in their dorm “apartment” with many visitors, these things are priceless. However, what sucks about the little ones is someone could just walk away with them, so you will still have to hide it a bit.

3-in-1 Breakfast Maker

cool dorm rooms stuff - breakfast maker

I wish I found this thing a couple years ago. A toaster oven, coffee maker, and top-side griddle all in one appliance! Many students don’t have the luxury of having a kitchen in their dorm room, so having something to actually fry on is awesome. You can now make your own steaks, chicken, eggs, whatever. Check out your dorm rules though, any amount of smoke is sometimes a big no-no.

Dry Erase Board

cool dorm room stuff - dry erase board

Calendars are great for writing down upcoming events or projects soon to be due, but if you’re like me you need a little more space to write on. You can buy dry erase boards with adhesive on the back now.

Bed Side Storage Caddy

cool dorm room stuff - bedside storage

Ok, maybe not cool dorm room stuff, but useful all the same. The organizer hangs just under your mattress. Put your t.v. remote, iPod, tissues, glasses, or anything else you might need while you’re lying in bed. If you’re a bit lazy at night and don’t want to get up (like me), this item caters to that virtue.

Framed Sports Jersey

cool dorm room stuff - framed sports jersey

A lot of websites already give a bunch of ideas for wall art including postcards, posters, etc. They might also mention “sports memorabilia”. Personally, I think one of the coolest ways to show off school spirit or your favorite team is to hang up a framed jersey on your wall. For some reason, it looks a lot more classy then a poster. Yes, I’m a Michigan fan.

Mini Futon

cool dorm room stuff - mini futon

A bit smaller than the full size version. Can be used as an extra bed, or just an extra seat. These little ones are a bit harder to find. I found some online, but I haven’t seen any in the stores except Ikea. If they are anything like their full size counterparts, they’re not exactly all that comfortable. But, it’s versatility that attracts dorm dwellers.

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