Easy College Degrees: 10
Easiest College Degrees to Obtain

I've compiled a top 10 list of easy college degrees based on Web research, classes I have personally taken, university statistics, and from hearsay of classes that my friends/acquaintances have taken.

If you want a college degree fast, or you're just looking for easy college classes, then take a further look into each of the majors below.

Reasons to Pursue Easy College Degrees

Pursuing easy college degrees isn't as sad as one would think. I've heard of many, genuinely good reasons to take the easiest classes possible.

Many people only go to college to break their glass ceiling at work, gain employment with the State/Federal government, finish their degree as fast as possible, avoid challenging courses to obtain a high GPA, and the list goes on...Rarely do I believe that students are 'lazy' for looking into easy college classes.

Online or In-Seat Classes

If you haven't started classes yet, you might want to think about online classes. Many people attend online schools for the same reason students look into easy college degrees - degrees can be obtained faster, the classes are shorter, the work is generally easier (not always the case, I'm sure), and with many degrees study time is less time consuming.

I've taken a few online courses myself that my school offered. The courses were 7 weeks long, and I felt that a lot of the fluff was cut out of the class that I would have otherwise been lectured on in-seat. Since online courses are shorter, they mainly stick to the important subject matter...something to think on if you're looking for a school.

Easy College Degrees

1) Business Administration

Potential Professions:

  • General Manager

  • Consultant

  • Administrative Executive

  • Public Relations

  • Human Resources Representative

Both online and in-seat business courses are typically very easy. General business classes are usually composed of case studies, discussion, and theory.

While many business administration degrees are littered with business foundations classes such as accounting, management, marketing, and human resources, nothing is truly specialized - which keeps the course simple.

2) Human Services (Social Work)

Potential Professions:

  • Residential Services Coordinator

  • Treatment Counselors

  • Skills Trainer

  • Public Assistance Worker

  • Inmate Case Worker

While social working degrees make many top 10 lists for lowest paying degrees, there are plenty of jobs you can obtain that make over $60,000 annually.

Human Services makes the list of easy college degrees because it's a psychology-lite degree. This means that many of the classes you take are easy, undergraduate psychology courses, such as social psychology and human behavior.

3) Medical Assisting

You might be sick of the daytime commercials of 'institutes' selling their medical assisting degrees/diplomas, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there really is a huge demand for medical assistants.

Many employed medical assistants were only in school for a short time, but many colleges offer Associates degree programs for medical assisting. Introductory biology may likely be the most difficult class of the entire degree program.

4) Criminal Justice (Online)

Potential Professions:

  • Corrections Officer/Worker

  • Police Officer

  • Parole/Probation Officer

  • Park Ranger

  • Court Clerk

  • Private Investigator

I have a lot of respect for professionals who work in criminal justice, but the education behind the profession is mostly theory. I've annotated *online* above because criminal justice courses online are mostly just reading theory and writing a paper on it - that's about it.

Many of the criminal justice courses are meant for students to develop ethics by discussing case studies, law, and policies. Theory-type classes are usually easier, which puts the criminal justice degree on the list of easy college degrees.

5) Information Technology Support

Potential Professions:

  • Help Desk Specialist

  • Technology Instructor

  • LAN Support

  • Web Designer/Writer

  • Desktop Support

While seeing computers in the workplace has been normal for quite some time now, the aging population of workers still have a very hard time with technology.

An Associates degree in IT will set you up for a job in IT support and handle tier 1 support calls. Many students exiting high school now know almost enough about software and computers as it takes to land a job as it is. This degree will be easy for those who are adept at troubleshooting PC problems and have good listening skills.

6) Hospitality/Tourism

Potential Professions:

  • Hotel Manager

  • Casino Manager

  • Travel Agent

  • Restaurant Manager

  • Consumer Insights Analyst

Food and beverage, lodging, human resources, and introductory marketing is the meat of the Hospitality and Tourism degree.

All classes involved are typically fun and easy to pass with an A. Not only is the degree fun and easy, but you can also land a pretty interesting job with a little searching after graduation.

7) Early Childhood Development

Potential Professions:

  • Speech and Language Development

  • Preschool Teacher

  • Caseworker

  • Special Education Teacher

  • Curriculum Developer

  • Counseling

Many students seeking a degree in early childhood development want to get into some form of special education teaching.

Techniques and practices are instructed throughout this degree program, not so much endless memorization of technical terms and essay writing - which makes study time for early childhood development a little less intense than other degrees.

8) Language Arts

Potential Professions:

  • Many Positions Requiring Translation

  • Specialized Business Positions

  • ESL Instructor

Simply put, language arts degrees specialize in the fluency of a foreign language, its origins, and its dialogue variability. This degree will be especially easy for people who pick up on foreign languages naturally, or who have experience with said foreign language already. For these types of students, passing the general education courses of a college degree may be the hardest part of your 2-4 year trek.

9) History

Potential Professions:

  • Writer

  • Archivist

  • Historical Restorer

  • Museum Administrator

  • Tourism Consultant

While it's true that many students graduating with a history degree do not actually end up working in a history related profession, it still makes the cut for easy college degrees to obtain. You might have an even easier time with the history curriculum if you actually enjoy learning about history.

If history is what you love doing, there ARE jobs, though competitive, in restoration and historical analysis writing. There are also travel agents that do well by informatively explaining deep cultural facts about tourist destinations to clients.

10) English

Potential Professions:

  • Teacher

  • Librarian

  • Publisher

  • Copywriter

  • Technical Writer

English majors can pick from a wide variety of career options, especially in writing professions. English majors usually pick the 'language' specialty in college - meaning that students will learn grammar, sociolinguistics, history of the English language, and teaching the English language. Many English majors aspire to be teachers.

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