Finding Internships:
How and Where to Find College
Internship Positions

Having trouble finding internships? Believe it or not there are more than enough out there - you just have to know how and where to find college internship positions.

Here are 7 techniques you can use to help find your perfect internship opportunity:

1. Career Services

What may seem like the obvious choice for some, many do not know that visiting your college's career service department should be the first place you visit when finding internships. The career services department specializes in finding students employment during and after college - expressing early interest in internships with your career services department will give them plenty of time to send you position details throughout the year.

2. Ask Your Professors

College instructors are usually acquainted with a large network of professionals. Many times they may hear of internship position opening before they are even advertised. The more specialized the class is, the better - you probably won't have much luck asking your history instructor if he/she has heard of any internship positions in accounting. If the instructor does not openly tell the class of these internships, ask them directly before or after class.

3. Willing to Travel?

Participating in some of the more prestigious and lucrative internship positions may require you to live away from home for a short time. If you have the grades and skills, many larger corporations will pay for your housing expenses while you complete your work. Finding internships of this caliber usually isn't difficult, it's landing those internships that is the hard part. Visit the organization's website you are interested in and start filling out applications early.

4. Market Yourself

Make it known that you're looking for opportunities. Finding internships takes work, and the more people that know you are seeking one the better. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, classmates, and instructors. If you are a part of extracurricular activities, let them know. If you attend church, let them know. Someone may know the right person to get you the job.

5. Federal Government Internships

There is only one official site for finding Federal internships in the U.S., and that's USA Jobs. Try not to be too specific in your search terms when browsing the site - in fact, I would suggest not putting in any search terms at all and try finding internships without the use of keywords. Federal internships are usually paid well and look great on a resume. Don't shy away from these internship postings if you have a less than satisfactory GPA, there are many departments that are lenient to whom they interview.

6. Professional Organizations

Many school's are partnered or affiliated with professional organizations. Many members in these organization are experienced professionals who may be able to point you in the direction of an internship. National organizations include the "Business Professionals of America" and the "Cisco Users Group". Ask your careers services department for more information on local professional organizations that relate to your degree path.

7. Career Fairs

Career fairs are always helpful when finding internships because you get face time with employers. When attending a career fair, it is important to wear professional attire, greet each employer with a firm handshake, and portray an energetic and confident attitude. Even if an internship is not advertised, it is not uncommon for students to ask organizations if they are offering any.

Tips for Finding Internships

  • Start Early - Finding quality internships take time. If you start before the competition you are more likely to land the position.

  • First Impressions - Everywhere you go regarding finding employment, remember to carry a professional, ambitious, and upbeat attitude.

  • Getting Paid - Many internship position pay hourly wages now days; however, some unpaid internships provide better work experience, and sometimes an opportunity for hire after completion. In short, don't pass down a position just because it isn't paid.

  • College Credit - Some internship positions qualify for you to get college credit upon completion. If you find a position outside of career services, ask them to see if your employment qualifies before starting.

  • Resume - Triple check your resume for errors or any possible improvements. If you have English tutors at your school, have them look it over before you submit it.

  • Summer Internships - Finding internships may be easier during Fall and Winter. Even though there are typically more positions open, there will be much more competition in the Spring/Summer months.

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