Popular College Drinking Games

Beer Pong, Flip Cup, and More Party Games

When someone goes to a party they are usually expected to know the basics of a few popular college drinking games - this is especially true for you guys out there...knowing the basic rules for flip cup could save you the embarrassment of pretending to know, and then losing the game for your team because you didn't have a clue (like me). Here are the ground rules for today's most popular college party games:

Beer Pong - College Drinking Game

The most popular of all college drinking games is Beer Pong. It's called Beer Pong because it's played on a table with a ping pong ball and it involves a lot of beer. Here is what you will need to play:

  • Long table (regulation size is 8'x2'x27.5, but the length is really the most important dimension)

  • 16oz plastic cups (at least a pack of 15, but 24 or more is better for larger setups)

  • Ping pong balls (2)

  • A lot of beer! You don't need to fill all the cups to the top, but the amount of beer still adds up

Beer pong is played by 2 people, or in teams of 2 for a total of 4. Fill the cups with an equal amount of beer and arrange them at each end of the table in a pyramid shape (the base should have 3 to 5 cups with each row having 1 less cup).

Players take turns attempting to throw their pong ball into the cups at the other end of the table. If the ball lands in a cup, the opposing player must consume the beer in that cup and then the cup is removed from the table. The object of the game is to take out all of the opposing team's cups.

Other rules and tips:

  • Leaning is usually not allowed. The ball must leave the player's hand before crossing an agreed upon line.

  • Rinse the ball in water if it hits the floor (otherwise, that's just gross)

  • If one player chooses to bounce the ball on the table while throwing, the opposing team may swat the ball before it lands in a cup

  • Don't drink a lot before playing the game (you will likely suck if you're already drunk)

  • Remember, "It's all in the wrist"

Flip Cup Drinking Game

Flip cup, AKA flippy cup, doesn't have as many rules as Beer Pong. The object of the game is simple, making it one of the better college party games for people who have already been drinking. Here is what you will need:

  • An even group of players. Six or more would be best

  • A plastic cup for each player

  • A long table

  • Beer to fill all cups

Step 1: Each team will stand at the sides of the table facing the opposing team. Fill each team member's cup with beer; make sure everyone has an even amount.

Step 2: When you're ready to start the game, one member of each team will start to drink their cup of beer as fast as possible.

Step 3: After drinking, those team members will put their cup on the table with part of cup hanging off the side. That team member will try to "flip" their cup to an upside-down position.

Step 4: After that team member has successfully flipped their cup, the next team member will begin to drink their beer. The team wins when the final team member has successfully flipped their cup.

Kings Cup Drinking Game

Many people have various different rules and names for the same game. I most commonly knew this game as Ring of Fire, but someone showed me how to play "King's Cup", which adds an extra twist the end of the game. One of my favorite college drinking games. Here's the basics of what you will need:

- 1 deck of playing cards

- An alcoholic drink for every player (different players may have different drinks)

- You really only need 2 players to play this game, but with more players the more fun the game becomes.

Setup: Shuffle the cards and then place them face down in the shape of a ring on the table. Each player must have there own drinks (or share with another).

**Optional: To play the King's Cup variation, you must place a full drink within the ring of cards. This drink can be anything, but usually is a 40oz beer, a mixed drink, a couple shots, etc. You could also make the cup circumstantial, meaning you could make the loser of the game bong a beer, drink an off-the-wall type drink, etc. This game plays in turns. Determine who will go first, then that person must draw a card and flip it over for everyone to see. Turns follow a clockwise rotation until the game ends, which is when all 4 kings are drawn from the deck. The rules of each card are as follows:

Ace (Waterfall) - Everyone drinks their drink at the same time, and must continue drinking until the player who drew the card stops.

2 (You) - The person who drew the 2 must pick another player to drink.

3 (Me) - The person who drew the card must drink.

4 (Floor) - Everyone reaches to touch the floor. Last person to touch the floor drinks.

5 (Guys) - All male players must drink.

6 (Chicks) - All female players must drink.

7 (Heaven) - All players point to heaven (up). Last person to point up must drink.

8 (Mate) - Pick another player to drink with you for the remainder of the game.

9 (Rhyme) - The person who draws the 9 says a word, then going around the table, each player must rhyme that word in a short time. If the person is unable to rhyme, or cannot think of a rhyme, they must drink.

10 (Category) - The person who drew must pick a category. Examples of a category might be "beer brands", "U.S. capital cities", or "types of fruit", etc. Working much like Rhyme does, the person who cannot successfully match a word in that category must drink.

Jack (Rule) - The person who drew the jack must create a rule that everyone must follow. If the rule is broken by another player, that player must drink. Once another jack is drawn and a new rule is made, the previous rule is no longer in play. Examples include not being able to say "the" or "all players must keep their left hand on the table".

Queen (Question) - Going around the table starting with the player who drew, each player must ask a question to the next. The player being asked the question is not required to answer. Make the questions completely off the wall so that the next player cannot think of a new question. The person who cannot think of a new question, drinks.

King - The king can mean different things for different rules. If you're playing King's Cup, see the optional setup above. If playing ring of fire, everyone take a drink simultaneously when a king is drawn.

Joker (Choker) - The player who draws a joker must finish their entire drink. The joker cards can be taken out of the game at the beginning of play as they are optional.

Edward 40 Hands Drinking Game

Some people may not see the fun in taping two 40oz bottles of malt liquor or beer to their hands, but Edward 40 Hands can turn a lame party into a riot real quick. 40 Hands can be done for fun and/or played competitively. The goal of the "game" is to drink both 40oz bottles (or a race to drink both before your opponents), simple right? Hell NO!

You're not allowed to untape your hands before the bottle is empty, meaning no using the restroom. A majority of college students will not be able to stomach 80oz of liquor in a short period of time, therefore forfeiting to the other player(s); this can either be a voluntary forfeit, or by vomiting, which is an automatic forfeit.

**Warning: If this game does not appeal to you, it is NOT advised that you watch the following video. Check below video for more college drinking games**

Power Hour Drinking Game

Extremely simple game which is fun to some, if not boring after a while to others. The "Power Hour" is when a single person, or group of people, drink a specified amount of alcohol every increment of 1, 5, or 10 minutes (rules are up to players). College drinking games such as "Power Hour" are many times performed at someone's 21st birthday. Usually the birthday guy or girl is the only one drinking (many times drinking a variety of different drinks).

Quarters Drinking Game

Quarters is a game of skill, no doubt about it. The object of the game is to bounce a quarter off a table, and hope that it lands inside of a cup/glass. This game would be at the top of the list of college drinking games if you only have 2 or 3 people to play.

The game is best played with 4 or more people. Fill a plastic cup, mug, or shot glass with liquor/mixed drink/beer. Each player will take a single try at bouncing a quarter into the glass - turns should rotate in a clockwise fashion. If the player sinks the quarter into the glass, they choose any other player to drink the contents of the glass. If the player misses, their turn is over and the next player in line tries.

If a player hits the rim of the glass, they may give it a second try; however, if the player misses again (including hitting the rim), they must drink the contents of the glass.

Some people even incorporate the Quarters game into flip cup. At the start of a flip cup game, each player must sink a quarter into their cup before drinking it, and then finally flipping their cup before moving on to the next player.

Flip, Sip, or Strip Drinking Game

Not all college drinking games take skill, Flip, Sip, or Strip takes a lot of luck. It may take some persuasion to talk some people into playing this game, but once they're playing, the mechanics of the game can make them feel really comfortable, really fast - you'll see what I mean...

The rules of Flip, Sip, or Strip are simple enough.. All you will need to play is a quarter and some alcohol. Preferably for a game like this, the stronger the alcohol the better. Three or more players is recommended.

Start the game by flipping a coin into the air. The flipper must call the coin (heads or tails) while it is airborne. If the player guesses wrong, they must either take a drink (shots are commonly used), or remove an article of clothing .The coin is then passed to the left.

If the player is right, they can make the decision to either pass their turn to the left, or decide to flip again. If the player flips again and guess right, they may choose to either flip a 3rd time, or pass their turn to any other player. If they flip and guess right a 3rd time, they may put an article of clothing back on. When this happens, the turn rotation flips and the coin is passed to the right until someone else makes 3 successful attempts.

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