Top 10 Popular Alcoholic
Drinks in College

"Cheap" is the key adjective that describes popular alcoholic drinks for college students. It's not that college students don't like the taste of top-shelf liquor, it's just that we just can't afford it most of the time. Here's the list of the top 10 popular alcoholic drinks in college.

10. Rum and Coke

Rum isn't the cheapest liquor in the store, but a little bit can go a long way. Both sexes seem to like it, and it's a piece of cake to mix.

  • 2 Parts Coke

  • 1 Part Rum (preferably dark rum)

  • Stir

9. Champagne

Most popular drink for New Years Eve parties. The cheaper champagne tastes just as good as the $50.00 bottle in my opinion. I hate wine, but carbonated wine tastes...awesome.

8. Straight Tequila

Popular college drink for getting straight to business. Drinking back-to-back shots of tequila is probably the fastest way to get yourself or someone you know hammered in a matter of minutes; which is why it's in the top 10 most popular alcoholic drinks among college students.

Rules and regulations to the most
popular college drinking games

7. Vodka and OJ

A $6.00 5th of vodka and a $3.00 carton of OJ is usually enough for about 4 or 5 (conservative) people. A cheap alcoholic drink, but keep in mind not everyone like the taste of vodka.

6. Jell-O Shots

College girl's personal favorite. Jell-O shots have their own category of recipes. You can make them a variety of different ways, but it's basically just adding your favorite drink recipes (something that goes well with the fruity flavor of Jell-O) and pouring it into the Jello-O mix before refrigeration.

5. Boilermaker

Boilermakers use whiskey, which hits you REALLY hard. Just like a Jager Bomb, to make a Boilermaker you drop a shot into a large glass and drink immediately. Boilermakers drop whiskey into beer.
  • Shot glass of whiskey

  • Approximately 1 pint of beer (large glass)

  • Drop the shot of whiskey into the beer

  • Drink Immediately

  • Don't chip your teeth!!

4. Brass Monkey

Popularized by the Beastie Boys song "Brass Monkey", it is a cheap drink that can be made a few different ways. With a Brass Monkey, you either love it or hate the taste; it also seems to be more popular in the southern U.S.
  • 40oz beer or malt liquor

  • Drink or pour out until it lines up with label

  • Fill remaining space with orange juice

  • Mix and drink

3. Jager Bomb

Same concept as a Boilermaker, Irish Car Bomb, etc. Drop a shot glass full of Jagermeister into a glass of Red Bull. For Red Bull being an energy drink, I swear you can drink like 7 of these and not feel very energetic, just drunk.
  • Shot glass of Jagermeister

  • 1 can of Red Bull

  • Drop the shot of Jager into the Red Bull

  • Drink Immediately

  • Don't chip your teeth!!

2. Jungle Juice

This drink is popular among guys and girls and is an awesome drink mix for parties. Jungle Juice is made for the masses, meaning this isn't something that you mix up for 2 people.
  • Start with a large container (at least 3 gallons, small trash can, water cooler, etc)

  • Add a variety of different fruits and/or fruit juices (small chunks are OK)

  • Pour in neutral alcohol (vodka, gin, and/or tequila) to taste

  • Allow fruit to soak up alcohol for at least a few hours

**This is a very basic recipe for Jungle Juice; there are literally a hundred you can find online by doing a simple Google search. I highly recommend this drink.

1. Beer

Beer is the number 1 choice for popular alcoholic drinks among college students. You should of seen this coming. Beer is the most widely used alcoholic drink at any college student get-together. Large parties almost always have a keg or two of beer. A cheap keg will run you about $60-$80, and usually comes with the tap.

How to Tap a Keg:

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