Best Asus Laptops for Students

That's Asus laptops, not Acer -- BIG difference in public opinion. Looking around on various forums, computer review sites, and e-store comments, I've found that people really love the increasingly popular Asus brand. A solid college computer at a reasonable price should be what most college students look for when shopping for laptops, and Asus has just as many sub-model options as other brands to make that happen for you.

Asus laptops for college students

The Asus brand is a bit harder to describe than others. They don't label many of their laptops with a specific model name, such as the Toshiba Satellite, the Macbook, or the HP Mini....instead, Asus has a larger variety of very specific models such as the A series, the K series, the G series, etc, etc. To try and simplify things, I'll present the most popular models in order of performance and value. They just put up some cool 360 video presentations on each series as well, which I'll add for the people who don't like to read ;)

Asus U-Series

All sub-models in the Asus U-series have at least one common feature: they all come super thin (under an inch thick). The U-series are generally the baseline laptops of the Asus brand. With that said, many customers are extremely happy with this particular model. Customers boast solid performance and a longer than average battery life.

The Good

  • Some of the thinnest and lightweight laptops on the market

  • Decent graphics capabilities for baseline laptops

  • Longer than average battery life

The Bad

  • While hardware is better than average, some owner experience mechanical problems

  • Asus' U.S. customer support could be better

  • Many reviews indicate that the speakers are "awful"

** College Student Tips - The U-Series Asus laptops are definitely a good choice for college student use. This is mostly because you get the most "bang for your buck", as they say (with the exception of the new Zenbook). Slightly pricier than the competition, the U-Series seems to offer slightly better hardware and processing capabilities.

Asus N-Series

The N-series may rightfully be dubbed "the supreme multimedia notebook". The poor sound quality that plague the U-series is blown away by N-series technology. The N-series adds a bunch of new features, such as a built-in, high quality webcam, full HD resolution, the new USB 3.0 technology, and other various features that relate to multimedia.

The Good

  • Beautiful display

  • Superior audio quality

  • Powerful graphics chipset

The Bad


  • Battery life takes a dive compared to U-series

  • Customer service...

** College Student Tips - If you have the money and like "pretty" graphics and extraordinary detail, the N-series offers that and more; however, college students generally don't have the money to buy this model. It's hard to justify the price for class use, which makes it harder to recommend to the average student. Stick with the U-series for general, all-purpose computing; otherwise, if you want something with a little more power and have the extra cash, check out the G-series.

Asus G-Series

The G-series carries slightly better hardware than the N-series, but is also finely tuned for gaming. The body of the laptop casing is also a bit more stylish. The cooling system get an upgrade as well, seeing as this laptops can, and will, get VERY hot! Obviously the battery will not last all that long in these either (as with most gaming laptops). All this "top-of-the-line" gaming hardware doesn't come cheap; however if you were thinking about purchasing an N-series Asus, you might want to think long and hard about springing the extra couple hundred for a G-series.

The Good

  • Awesome graphics capabilities

  • 3D technology

  • Ergonomic design is excellent

The Bad

  • No eSATA port

  • Super expensive (but comparable to other gaming laptops)

  • Heavy

** College Student Tips - There really isn't very many reasons a college student would actually need a G-series laptop, but if you're really into gaming and multimedia, the Asus brand is the way to go. Asus laptops of any series review well around the Internet, so if you are in the market for a premium laptop with a premium price tag, the G-series might be perfect for you.

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